Thursday, 15 May 2014

A new foodblog is born...

And finally, I have a blog too! And today this blog officially starts.
I had been thinking for a while about having my own blog for collecting and sharing recipes and other food experiences, but I was always hesitating, not finding enough good reasons for doing it. The "sign" arrived some weeks ago when a sudden crash of my PC made inexorably unreadable a huge file on which I was collecting my best recipes (all in English). It was a big damage for me, first because I had made a big effort in putting everything in the same language (which by the way is not my mother tongue). Then because I usually don't cook a recipe exactly as I read it - in books, magazines, blogs, websites, etc - but always make my own changes, sometimes light and more often relevant, or even create my own recipes; since I am not a chef who studies in advance combinations of ingredients, flavors and textures, it is probable that I forget how the mix came out from my head and my hands, so it is better to record what I did, especially if the result deserves to be filed. Finally because that was a recipes repository that I had started to put together after my arrival in Dubai, last November, and so represented a little kitchen diary accompanying a new chapter of my life in a new city (and country).
Actually that episode was only the trigger that accelerated the creation process of this blog.
In fact, behind the idea of this virtual kitchen diary there is also the attractiveness - and some apprehension at the same time - of being able to reach people that I could never meet in the physical world and share with them my interest in food (and wine too), my experiences and ability around the kitchen and, also, a little part of my family life.
I am not a professional chef, but I have always been passionate about food, especially quality, and possibly healthy, food; I have been collecting for decades books, magazine, personal notes as well as direct experiences around food and wine - which include hundreds of lunches and dinners in restaurants all around the world (with a special concentration in northern Italy, where I lived before moving to Dubai), visits to wineries, farms, olive oil producers, gourmet trips, and continuous search for the best ingredients and products.
But the most important thing  is that I love to prepare food for my family, and I want that this food is of course good, but also made with fresh, natural, quality and, as much as possible, local ingredients.
This is why every day I experiment different recipes and/or combinations of ingredients and flavors, and I love to discover new products and ingredients as well as mix up different food cultures. And I think that at present I am in the right location for doing this in the best way. I hope that visitors of the blog will find some interesting inspirations.
More about me can be found in the "About me" section.

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