Saturday, 31 October 2015

Wholewheat crostata and some news

Wholewheat crostata

Well, if there are two or three people wondering where I've been lately and why I'm not posting regularly on the blog, I finally want to tell that some important changes are happening in my life.
Please don't worry, it's nothing bad, just something that took most of my time in the last two months and probably will still take it in the next future.
The news is that, after almost two years in Dubai, me and my family just came back to Italy; and exactly for the same reason why we had moved to Dubai two years ago: my husband work. Something we were somehow prepared to, even if we were getting used to Dubai lifestyle and for sure we'll miss it a bit.

To be honest I would have much preferred to cook, take and edit pictures, write recipes and posts rather than doing what I actually did in the last two months, that is in random order: meeting with moving companies for relocating all of our things back to Italy (and realizing how much stuff is possible to accumulate in just two years is quite shocking), finding a school for my son (actually two, as most likely we are going to move from where we are now), make a selection of things to leave back or throw away, wrapping all our clothes and other stuff in plastic covers to protect them during the travel, getting some refunds for activities paid in advance (this apparently easy task was actually a tough one), preparing the luggage to carry with us (one of which almost full of food, of course), meeting with friends to say bye (this was the best part actually, even if the saddest one and even if I didn't have the time to see all the people I would have loved to). And the daily routine? Almost the same as before, of course ...

Saturday, 10 October 2015

My recipe for wholewheat sourdough bread with mixed seed featured on MyHealthyDXB

Wholewheat sourdough bread with mixed seeds

Baking, and in particular making bread, is one of my passions - and to be honest also a personal challenge.
I love making bread for my family and friends and I am very glad when they appreciate my job. 
And I also like sharing my recipes, that's also one of the main reasons for which I decided to have a blog.
So, when the lovely Louise, author of MyHealthyDXB (a fabulous blog packed with useful information about eating, cooking and living healthy in Dubai) asked me to post one of my recipes on her blog I was more than happy.
And the recipe she has chosen to publish is probably the healthiest and most nutritious bread I've ever made: wholewheat sourdough bread with mixed seed.
You can find the recipe here.
I strongly recommend to bookmark Louise blog as you can find many pieces of information (recipes, articles, reviews, tips and more) for an healthy lifestyle in Dubai, and not only in Dubai indeed.

Thank you Louise!